PEER REVIEW #3 – Street Stories

    Mariah Craig’s website Street Stories: Perspectives of the Vulnerable is an online storytelling space that seeks to shed light on the beauty and pain present in a marginalized neighbourhood in Surrey. Currently, Mariah is in the process of completing a series of three interviews with those employed by Nightshift Ministries, the context of her work. There seems to be a disconnect for me between the site’s goal to tell the stories of the marginalized and displaced in Surrey and what it is currently doing. The organization, Nightshift itself, appears to be the main focus of the website at this moment in time. I imagine that as Mariah becomes more familiar…


    PEER REVIEW #2 – Taking Life by the Love Handles

    Jenny Zhao’s site, Taking Life by the Love Handles, is clearly representative of her love for food, especially when shared with friends. Upon first glance, Jenny’s site is quite pretty, utilizing a pastel colour palette. I’m not sure if Jenny is focusing purely on sweets and bubble tea for the content of her site, but I found the colour palette to be a visual parallel to the foods and drink that she is reviewing. The presentation of the food itself is beautiful, and the colours used imitate that. I did find, however, that the site title and tagline colour was a little bit difficult to read with the bold image behind.…


    PEER REVIEW #1 – An Elixir to Mayhem

    Alexa Griffith’s website, An Elixir to Mayhem – Rules for Life, combines personal experiences, popular culture references and anecdotes to live by, all supported by texts that she has pored over. The concept of living life according to guidelines is one that I identify with in a time of societal change and upheaval; boundaries can bring freedom rather than restriction. When one knows what one’s priorities are, life is lived with a clear mind, avoiding constant second-guessing and reexamining of values. The possible harshness of the idea of living life according to a set of rules is softened by Alexa’s casual, conversational tone in her posts. Alexa’s content is rife…